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Work hard to be YOU. No one is better than YOU!

By Kelvin Ugwu on 28th May, 2018

Don’t work hard to be Dangote. You can never be him. Work hard to be YOU instead.
Don’t work hard to be Fr Kelvin. You will work yourself to death. Work hard to be YOU. No one is better than YOU.

Like it or not, once you are a person who is not self contented, so many things will not be alright with you.
Check all those who are not self contented, they have one thing in common: COMPARISON.

“All my mates are married”, they will say, “but I am not.”
“Emeka that I am older than, is now a very rich man with a Range Rover sports, but here I am still jumping into Danfo.”
“All those that we got married together have given birth to at least two children, while me, nothing to show.”

Is it not funny how you keep measuring yourself with others as though you came to this world with them? This world finally is not a competition ground. It is not about who became richer or who got married or who got popular…

You want to be rich like Dangote, he has his own challenges…. Though you won’t see that part until you wear his shoes.

Yes, I got First Class from the University of Port Harcourt, you read me on Facebook and you admire me, you look at my cute young face on my picture gallery, and you feel everything is smooth and so you want to be Fr Kelvin. But you do not see that I am in the village struggling with light, food, water and even exposed to where if I fall sick, it will take a lot to access the hospital. That aside, there are many things I am struggling with, if I don’t tell you, you won’t know…

Often, those we admire from afar or those we call celebrities are like a woman that had just done her makeup and is smiling to the camera. . . We do not see the pimples, nor do we even notice she has tribal marks or that her lips are dark like charcoal. We do not even notice that her smile does not follow her to the toilet when she is alone. The makeup covers it. The smiles stop once the camera stops. What they want us to see, is what we saw.

Learn to put your best in what you do, and be contented with what you have got. If you finally did not become super rich, let it not make you less happy. If finally you did not have a biological child, just know that you are not alone.

No matter the money you have, you can’t change the colour of the sky above your roof. It is the same way it beautifies the poor man’s house, that is how it beautifies the house of the rich man.

Start appreciating what you have… That is the beginning of being happy.


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    It is quite inspirational and creative.

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