By Laura Ezinne Idika

2nd December  2018

Today I met a man(Lets call him manA) in the church canteen as I went to top up my tummy battery, he told me a story I’ll love to share.
Few years ago he lost his job. Prior to that time he had saved up little money with the intent of using it to open up a small business. Just as he was about opening up the business, a friend told him about a land in an undeveloped area which was kinda cheap. The owner was in distress and needed quick money so he was selling it out cheaply, the fact that it was in an undeveloped area even made it cheaper.
He juggled between the thought of acquiring the land and setting up the business but ended up deciding to purchase the land with the hope of finding another job soon. The land was ridiculously cheap and he thought he might not stumble upon such an opportunity again so went for the land. He said the fact that he lost his job was a major reason of buying the land, he didn’t want to leave work without achieving anything.
Weeks ran into months and months ran into years and still he couldn’t find a job. The menial job he was doing could no longer sustain his family so his landlord threw his things out since he could no longer afford rent.
Him, His wife and kids had no other option than to go to the unfenced land he earlier bought which they cleared and built a small house with wood and zinc(Batcher) and moved in.
Things didn’t get better, it Infact got worse ,so much that he gave up on God and stopped going to church. He gathered small money he got from doing menial jobs and and used it to start a small poultry at one corner of the land .Close to his house was a very bushy land which was partly fenced and which had inscriptions to show that it had already been purchased. Periodically, snakes from that bushy land began to swallow his chicks and eggs which got him very angry. He in anger cleared the five plots of land to avoid the invasion of snakes and in the long run started farming on the empty land after nobody showed up. He farmed on it with the intent of vacating as soon as the owner showed up but ended up farming for five years without anyone showing up as the real owner.

One day a brother strode into his house and talked to him about Christ, making him have a change of mind.
He went to church again for the first time after years and rededicated his life to Christ.
Three months later, one day a man(I’ll call him man b) strode into the land he farmed in. Man B looked around for a while before he walked straight to his house and knocked. He told him he was the owner of the land and asked if he knew who was farming on his land.
Man A told the man it was him and apologized, he also asked the man why he never visited the land for all the years he farmed in it, the man looked a bit rough, he didn’t look like someone who was abroad so he was curious to hear what he had to say.
After asking for a cup of water, manB explained to him that he was in jail. His case miraculously got reviewed about three months ago(about the same time ManA turned back to God) and he just got out of jail a week ago. When he bought the land the place was not developed, he was shocked to see that everywhere was now open and very busy.
He promised to come back with the landed document and begged the other man to pls help him get buyers as he wanted to sell off the land and start life over again.

Man A ‘s wife discouraged him, she told him the man could be a fraudster and warned him not to get involved.
Many people came to buy the land but he was scared to sell for fear of future wahala. Some priced from 5.5m,6m,4.5m etc.
When man b waited for a long while without getting feedback from man a, he wanted to give another person the job of looking for a buyer but man A begged him not to and made up his mind to sell. Man B told him to sell at 5m ,he could keep anything extra .

He took the job seriously and later convinced an Anambara big boy to buy the land for 7.5million per plot. He gave 25mil to the land owner and kept 12.5mil. Man B dashed him 500k for a job well done ,the Anambara man that purchased the land gave him a commission of 500k and gave him the job of overseeing the structure he was building on the land since he lived nearby.
In just two years he was able to start a business, build a proper house and buy two cars. He told me that he just got back from a business trip to China and had another scheduled for December.

It doesn’t take God anything to change anyone’s story, all he needs is just shake up somewhere and allow everything fall in place.
If the young man didn’t lose his job maybe he won’t have purchased the land, he won’t have thought of starting a poultry, or farming, he might have just stayed on his job earning a few thousands.
I encourage everyone that has given up on God to go back to God, he might be cooking up something big.

Truly some problems are stepping stones for greater heights.
Some multi millionaire won’t have become multi millionaires if they didn’t experience some major storms.
Some setbacks are necessary for comebacks.
I just hope someone is encouraged .

©Laura Ezinne Idika

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