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IF Judas\’ betrayal of Jesus was not preplanned by God, how would He have saved the mankind? Pls tell me also. Is Judas in heaven or hell? If he had lived, how would people look at him. To me , the church is silent about Judas bc, if it is said that Judas is in heaven many would dispair when they commit any grevious sin. Again, Jesus is God too and being all knowing, Judas was surprised that he knew what he had in mind when he told him, \”do what you have in mind so fast\” and he might have thought that it was time for Jesus to show Romans his power, overthrow them and redeem Isreal. How do we reconcile these?

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Answer: NB: I do not claim to have an adequate answer to to this difficult question but I will try to say something. May be experts in theology could help and add flesh to my little contribution. Premonition is not synonymous with causality. It is true that even b4 the creation of the world, God knew and now still knows those who will be save and those who will be damned, but He leaves it to human freedom.
That God knew that the saviour will be betrayed does not mean He made Judas to do that; Judas took the decision to do it. About Judas’ fate and in fact, the fate of any apparently wicked man, only God knows: at the flash of a minutest moment, God could give a soul the chance to make a fundamental option for either God or Satan. Who knows whether Judas had such grim chance? Judas could be in Heaven or Hell, I do not know.
The Catholic Church has declared that some persons are in Heaven, but she has not mentioned any person in Hell even though some may be there. Those who tried to do that in the past were labeled heretics. So we leave the fate of Judas and by that fact, any apparently wicked man for God; not withstanding some exorcists’ accounts that identified Judas as possessing some persons.
As regards Adam, I would like to refer to New Testament accounts of the descend to the dead (Eph. 4:9-10; 1 Cor. 15:20; 1 Pt. 3:18-19; 1 Pt. 4:6; etc); these references show that a realm of the dead deprived of the vision of God b/c they died before the coming of the Messiah who opened the gate of Heaven. This is precisely the meaning of the article of the creed, “He descended to the dead…” So if Adam was a just man, like Abel the just, Abraham, etc, he is in Heaven now since Christ went there to free them from the power of death. The office of reading( that is, the prayer said by the priests) of Holy Saturday indicates that Adam was summoned by Christ the Saviour on his descent to the dead.
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