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Anonymous asked 3 years ago

Hi, I read a post from May, 2018. About expressing love. I must confess that you\’re doing a great job. # thumbs up. I understand that to love isn\’t a bad thing but how do I describe what I feel for this male coursemate! I avoid him, I don\’t spare few minutes of my time for him when he asks, I pretend I don\’t like him that much. But the truth is that I like him too much but I\’m scared that expressing myself might send the wrong message. I\’m 20 and a 2nd year student of ***. Thank you.

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MLGV Staff answered 3 years ago

Hello dear,

Do not to avoid the boy. That’s one of the problems with people that attended all girls schools. Flow with everyone, male and female. There’s a mutual feeling of love/lust/infatuation from all indication.  It gets pretty confusion but you’ll come to know which one with time. So, you should be friends. But as a good girl that I think you are, you should know that you have to draw the line. She should let him know on time, if the situation makes it necessary, that you belong  to the ‘no sex before marriage gang’ and stand by it. You should know about ‘avoiding the occasion of sin’ because the flesh is weak. You can hang out in the school canteen, and other open places but no private visit for now. It’s only when you are close enough to talk that you’ll get to know more about him (his family, his interests, his attitude towards women, his strengths and weaknesses, etc) and know if he’s your kind of guy. Who knows, your love could blossom to something more, like marriage, in the future. But if he’s the type that insists on sleeping with you as a proof of love, then you should run. Like bail! Such men get what they want and dump you. In addition, and very importantly, you should not, for any reason, take nude pictures, or send nude pictures to any person, whether boy or girl. Not even semi nude. People now use it to blackmail unsuspecting girls and make them do stuff contrary to their will. You should also know that tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. So, you should face your studies and ensure you come out with a first class degree. No matter your course of study. Or a 2.1. Avoid carry-overs so you could finish on time. That’s the only way you can compete favourably with other grads in the job market. I said that because I’m a strong advocate of women empowerment. A financially independent woman is the one that can walk out of an abusive marriage to save her life and that of her children. Those dependent on their husband’s will stay and die in such marriages because they can’t fend for themselves if they take a walk. So, this is your time to prepare for your future. This is all I can say now. Sorry if I deviated a little towards the end and feel free to seek more clarifications if need be.


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