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End Osu


By Kelvin Ugwu on 31st October, 2018

I have been privileged to have worked in all the regions in Nigeria. The population of Christians in the eastern part of Nigeria is really amazing. Igboland not only embraced Christianity but in fact made it their own. Igboland has produced the highest number of priests/pastors and Rev sisters in Nigeria.

But, Who will ever believe that in a region that is deep into Christian beliefs could be deep into some pagan practice at the same time?

I am talking about no other pagan practice but that devilish and evil belief that Igboland inherited freely from their ancestors that some humans are born slaves, some humans are outcast, some humans are not humans enough and you dare not mix your blood with theirs, that some humans are OSU.

The biggest irony and hypocrisy of all times is how a people through their Christian faith, will go to church in the morning and profess that all humans are equal and are created in the image of God, but come back home in the evening and profess that some are “OSU” —which translates to (1) slaves, (2) humans who are inferior to other humans, (3) humans meant to be sacrificed to deities or gods, even when these people in question have denounced this, and are Christians like the rest.

The biggest insult to Christian faith and the greatest abuse to everything we know about “love” is when a believing Christian with all his faith in God and all his church attendance, at the discovering that his spouse whom he claims to love to the moon belongs to the people tagged as OSU, then begin to withdraw from the girl, because for him, OSU blood is greater than the Blood Christ shed on the cross for all, and the love he was professing does not include people the devilish tradition calls OSU (outcast).

You can hate me for this. Those that have not allowed this evil practice to die are our Christians and most especially our mothers and fathers. They are all in CWO, CMO, Charismatic, and other Christian groups.

In the cases I have handled, I mean all of them, the couples at discovering that one has been tagged with the name ‘OSU’ are often ready to marry, but their parents who are supposedly staunch Christians will say things like “over my dead body.”

Help me pass this message to CMOs and CWOs, help me ask their national, regional, or parish presidents these questions: what do they discuss when they gather for their meetings? What are they planning to talk about in their first Saturday of the month meeting? What really could be greater than the fact that all of us directly or indirectly have allowed this practice and belief to still have a hold on us?

Fr Chinaka Justin Mbaeri and I have started a campaign to #EndOsu. Join us in this campaign, join us create this awareness. Some people are suffering for no just reason. Please help share this post. Please don’t keep quiet until this evil in Igboland becomes a thing of the past.


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