Mo Salah wearing the "Never Give Up" T-shirt


By Kelvin Ugwu
May 8th, 2019

Amidst the joys last night over Liverpool’s victory, amidst the shock and surprise from Barcelona fans on how the game ended, amidst the funny headline from BBC Sport in Igbo, and amidst those excited not because Liverpool won but because they felt Messi was over hyped and deserved to be brought down, I pray you don’t fail to pick the important practical lesson that Liverpool communicated to the world: Never give up!

Last week I wrote about Messi, and how it is a privilege to see him play. I feel that if one is sincere enough to himself, regardless of which team you support, you won’t deny the truth of that statement. And last night’s defeat of Barcelona does not change the fact that Messi is super gifted and a delight to watch.

The lesson from last night’s game is huge. Liverpool communicated to the world that the more the odds are against you, the more your determination should be.

Take a look at these odds:

Two of Liverpool’s major players were on the bench. That was a good reason to feel they won’t make it.

They were three goals down, this odd is indeed scary.

They were playing against one of the best teams in the world having some of the world class players. This should make them feel intimidated.

They were playing at home, which meant that any goal their opponent scored against them would be counted as two (or an added advantage).

And finally, the pressure from their fans. . .the tension and fear of not letting them down.

It was as if the more the odds were against them, the more the determination in them grew.

I bet you, without those odds there won’t have been anything to motivate them to win. Those odds were truly necessary and that is why their victory is outstanding.

The more the odds around you, the more the joy once you conquer them.

This is a huge lesson, and to me this is also why most Nigerians make it outside the country despite little resources. They know where they are coming from and as such they make use of every opportunity they get wisely.

Finally, do not laugh when someone fails. Who would have believed that those that were crying last week and unable to eat will be celebrating today…while those of us that were celebrating last week are now crying?

While you are celebrating your victory, don’t ever do it at the expense of another’s failure. In other words, the reason why you should be happy should not be because someone else failed.


My brother Mark Alagi is asking me where is Messi???. . . He should be in his house with his wife and kids looking forward to the next game.

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