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#MLGV empty wallet of a broke black guy


Written by Laura Ezinne Idike
on July 28, 2018

There is this girl I know who is so desperate about marriage, she never stops talking about being tired of paying her rent and fending for herself. When ever it’s time to pay her bills she gets very upset, she immediately remembers her singleness and say things like “If I had a husband, will I be bothered about money to fix my hair? ”

It’s crazy and hypocritical to want your man to have the best cars, the best houses, money to lavish on you but in return have nothing to offer but your v****a .
What happened to working together as a team?
What happened to thinking about ways through which even you could hit it big?
Who says women cannot be millionaires?
What about you?
Who says the cash flow must always come from the man, Who says you can’t bring anything to the table?

You can’t even afford your monthly data but have the guts to call a man struggling to get his shit together broke.
You want him to build you up but isn’t patient enough to help him get built up.

DEAR WOMEN, it’s okay to want a man who is rich and has a lot going for himself but if you in turn aren’t ready to build yourself up and have something to offer apart from your v****a then you are plain stupid .
You have nothing to contribute in an intellectual discussion.
You are lazy and aren’t thinking about your growth
You just want to sit and get fed ,yet have the guts to want an intelligent, hardworking and rich guy buy your side.
Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. He would offer you peanuts, ride you like a dog and run away upon realizing that you are empty. Then you would come to this space and scream about the evilness of men.
You are a great cook and a sex machine,so what? It’s nothing new or too fantastic.
2000 Naira can get a man Good food and great sex.
Bros wouldn’t knack all day or eat all day, something else gotta go down.
You get hooked on to a correct dude that hustles both with his mind and strength, you screw the shit outta him and you think that’s enough? No it’s not enough.
He would get irritated by the trash you spew, he would dump you and you would get heart broken.

A man is not God, he is a human like you and struggles to earn a living just like you.
A relationship is not a business opportunity.
Marriage doesn’t mean the transference of all your financial problems on your husband.
You have two hands just like a man has,a functional brain like he has and an able body like him. Strive to not depend on a man wholly; be independent even if it’s to a small extent. Keep some part of your respect and dignity, there is nothing as sweet as financial independence.

DEAR MEN, it’s all about you today. If a woman is not ready to put in the same effort she expects from you, is just about you giving her and building her up and exerts no energy into bringing something tangible to the table, please dump her. You deserve better, stop throwing money away by investing in a lazy woman.

“Drops mic sways hair and catwalks away “.
©Laura Ezinne Idika

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