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First off we wish to thank you for all your love and support. The Make Love Go Viral campaign is still on and waxing stronger because you joined hands with the #MLGVfamily. God bless you big.

Things take time to perfect. The beginnings are almost always periods of trying out different things to know what works and what doesn’t.
When we made the first sets of the #MLGVshirt we thought it was on point, until we started getting feedbacks on the low quality of the materials. By then many already had it.
We eventually upped our fabric game and it’s real tight right now but we feel so really sorry for the earlier versions and sincerely apologize. We even had to take back from some and replace theirs at no cost but we don’t have the financial strength to do same for all of you that were affected. If we could, we’d do that without a second thought but as it stands right now we can only give discounts to those who bought the shirts made of not-so-good materials
We have therefore decided that anyone who got theirs before the superior quality came out – which has been in circulation for sometime now – and wishes to order for a new gear, gets a huge discount as compensation. The quality of the shirts are so cool right now  you’d love to gift them.

Thanks to all who sent us feedbacks. Big ups to Ush Wears

Support the MLGV Campaign; Check out the family gear @ or just send a DM to @makelovegoviral on FB, Twitter or IG.

You can also make donations @MLGV.ORG/DONATE to help us keep these wheels of love spinning.

Stay blessed and may love lift you always.

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