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#MLGV | The ‘Oshiomholeism’ of Adams Oshiomhole

By Kelvin Ugwu

Adams Eric Aliyu Oshiomhole reminds me of that weird extreme contradictory possibilities that exist in all humans. The fact that we all have these possibilities in us, scares me to death.

One time, Oshiomhole was the leader of those defending the common masses…now he is the leader of those oppressing the common masses.

To imagine that this same person that fought against Obasanjo’s government even with his life, especially on issues concerning workers, their salaries, the price of fuel etc will turn around and fight for Buhari even with his life on the same issues (even far worse) he once fought against, is scary.

Friends, this is weird yet it attests to the fact of real possibilities that exist in all of us, especially more among us Africans.

Don’t go too far. . .

How scary can it get when you go through the messages you exchanged with your ex, how both of you promised to die for each other… And how right now after breakup, all you pray for is for his or her death…either directly or indirectly? Before, you cannot live without her/him. Now, you cannot live with her/him.

What more can be scarier than to learn that before you became a pastor/priest, your compassion for the poor is indescribable, now that you are the pastor-in-charge, your glittering cars cannot be approached by the poor, the same poor people that brought you to your present position?

Don’t even go too far. . .

What can be more scarier than for a student to deny his or her parents, tell lies about where he is from, simply because he started associating with rich students and do not want them to know he came from a poor family?

As funny as this may sound, I know of a student that openly rejected his mother when she came visiting in school… Why?? He had told everyone that his parents are “Senators”, so out of shame since he was not aware that his Mum will come that day, he could not imagine facing a “dirty” looking woman as his mother when he was told that “one woman outside is looking for you, she said you are her son.” Yet, this is the woman who struggles every market day to sell petty goods to train him in school.

Before you preach, look at yourself, have you started manifesting yours or yours is simply waiting for the time you become rich or start associating with the rich?

Watch all these people online that condemn their governors, ministers, president etc for stealing money meant for the masses or other corrupt practices, the day they will have the opportunity to meet with the governor or minister one on one and take small selfie with them, watch what they will write and post: “My governor bla bla bla, what a humble man to the core. . .yen yen yen”

Watch some of us preachers who are against some of these musicians, so called celebrities and some of these politicians, the day they will come to our churches… Listen to the words that we often use and the seat we will give them, then you will understand that this thing is in all of us.

Just In case you are tempted to call this double-face act “DIPLOMACY”, let me tell you the right word. The right word is “OSHIOMHOLEISM” and it is in all of us.

You can hate Buhari, Jonathan, Obasanjo for all I care… But be sincere to accept this fact that once some of us are given the same opportunities like them, we may even do worst. Do you know why?? In all sincerity, look at the position you occupy now and how you are running it, then you will know why.

The 66 years old Adam Oshiomhole reminds me of so many things, he reminds me of the fact that we are all crazy.

This is where it gets even more scary. . .

The crazy thing about being crazy is that you won’t even be aware that you are crazy. What separates a crazy fellow from a none crazy fellow is Just awareness. The day a crazy person becomes aware that he or she is crazy, that will be the end of that craze.

Are you aware of yourself???

Are you aware you have #Oshiomholeism in you?

Let me come and be going! By the way, my name is Fr Kelvin Ugwu, anybody that is looking for me, I am working with Lilongwe archdiocese in Malawi. Just in case someone wants to arrest me!


29th September, 2018 

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