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By Kelvin Ugwu

How did we get to this point?

It seemed to me that right now we are all used to people being slaughtered. We have normalized abnormalities. We have all become mad!

Just a quick test on yourself to see if you are still normal…

When you hear that people are being slaughtered in Jos, are you among those that will immediately respond: “Jos again!” after that, you move on as though everything is normal without doing or saying anything?

Just know you have been successfully indoctrinated into the culture of death.

Are you among those that when you hear that students are being killed in Jos, all you do is to send “Happy Independence Naija” to all your friends on whatsapp or facebook. Then in the evening you are either in AY show or MC Takwaye thrown of comedy laughter show to laugh the laugh you have never laughed before.

You are one of them. You have become mad.

Are you among those that once you hear that people are killed in Jos, Benue, etc… You will type “RIP” to any post talking about it, but you are still planning to vote Buhari, Atiku, Saraki, and their likes in 2019.

You are to be feared.

The greatest evil of Buhari is making almost all of us to be gradually used to death. I know of countries in which the death of one single soul in the hands of terrorists, shuts down everything until the killers are captured.

Shame on all ministers of the gospel, all of us together. If the issue is about tithe, the internet will break. If all of us pastors/priests join hands together, without some so called “more anointed” pastors dancing surugede before the President anytime they go to visit him, this whole issue would have ended.

Shame on all freethinkers, atheists, feminists etc… If the issue is about bride price, the internet will break. If the issue is about snake talking in the bible or pastor this or Fr that having an affair, all of us will become fighters.

Shame on Yemi Osinbanjo. I hate the fact that people call him pastor just as they call me pastor. Your silence is evil.

Shame on APC and PDP all together. Shame on Adams Oshiomhole. You are not only dark and ugly facially. . .but both internally.

Shame on all of us, you and I.

Bigger shame on Buhari and all those making him feel that he is doing well. Any government that cannot protect ordinary citizens, is evil.

Was that not the argument against Goodluck Jonathan??? Is this not worse?



2nd October, 2018

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