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Conquering our weaknesses

Having weaknesses is part of human nature. But the capacity for the reception of God’s grace, the abundance and availability of this grace and God’s willingness to give it make it possible for us to rise from our base nature and conquer these weaknesses of ours. There is no weakness our determination animated by the grace and love of God cannot overcome if we are ready to work with Him. There’s always hope, so despair should be out of the equation. God understands are sincere efforts. Fighting weaknesses takes blood, sweat and tears but a life of holiness is worth every bit of the struggle. May we be able to avoid occasions that lead to our being tempted in the areas of our weaknesses,and even when tempted, may we be unscathed. Even if we fall, may we rise again. May this continued struggle build a shield around us and help us develop virtues that are directly opposed to our weaknesses. May the light of the Spirit shine in the dark crannies of our lives, and may we long to be filled with nothing but LOVE.

By Uche Asogwa

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