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By Kelvin Ugwu MSP on May 28, 2018

If we truly want these killings to stop in Nigeria, we must do more than prayers. We must boldly tell ourselves the bitter truth.

The core Northerners do not have the same way of thinking with the Easterners or Westerners or Southerners. In practical terms, what each region values opposes each other.

Again, and I say this with all due respect, what Islam sees as peace is not what Christianity sees as peace. The understanding of peace between these two religions is totally different. In theory, they may sound the same but with lived experienced and in practical terms, the peace Christians practice and the peace Muslims practice, the difference is like the difference between darkness and light. Let no one deceive you on this. To help you understand this better, why do you think some northern Muslims do not see a Yoruba Muslim as pure Muslim?

Don’t come here to remind me of that your Muslim friend that you trust so much and has shown you love more than all the Christians you ever knew. I’m not unaware of that fact. I once wrote about it. We all have such friends. My driver in Abuja is a Muslim. He knows me to my home village in Enugu. I trust him to the bone. He loves me to death. We are now like brothers. I have lovely friends here who are Muslims. On the other hand, there are some Christians too that I cannot even tolerate. These are not the people I am talking about.

If we still value our lives here in Nigeria, we must consider these two options:

Option Number One: The first possible solution to all these killings and issues in Nigeria is for every region to have full independence. By this, we create three or four or more countries out of Nigeria.

Our major problem as it stands is our unity. Quite unfortunate! It is now becoming increasingly obvious that united we fall, divided we stand.

Malawi is a country of 18 million people. Ghana has a population of 28 million. Lagos alone has a population of more than 23 million people. What makes you think that Lagos can’t be a country?

Croatia that dealt the super eagles a heavy blow in Russia is 4.1 million people. Serbia has 8.4 million people. In 1990, they were one country under the name Yugoslavia. Now, put together the population of the eastern states in Nigeria and tell me why they can’t be a country.

Theoretically, we know that we are better as one country, but practically we are living in hell. Leave all you know theoretically, face the reality before you. This union is not working. This is the greatest plague brought by the colonial masters. If we are not ready to free ourselves, then it means we are ready to fry ourselves to death.

Option Number Two: The second possible solution is for every region to have some sort of independence. By this, we all agree to still be under One Nigeria, but every region takes care of itself and its resources without any interference. Use what you have to develop your region and your people. Have your own police, laws etc. I guess this is the much talked about #restructuring.

If we must grow out of this nonsense happening in Nigeria, we must as a nation do away with the present constitution we are using. That constitution is the basis for most of our problems. For me, the Nigeria constitution is evil, it does not reflect who we truly are.

If at this stage we are still not open to restructure, then we should stop crying anytime we are fractured by cow loving citizens.


You know just as I do, that the present government under the cow loving Fulani president can never agree to any of the options above for some obvious reasons. Even the crop of legislators that we have today cannot do anything because they are like a man who is impotent, sleep all week with a woman, he can’t get the woman pregnant.

So what do we do?

Good question!

There are many ways to go about it. The Easterners came with Biafra and created a movement, the Niger Delta have used their militants, the West have tried their Oduduwa, even the north have their Arewa movement, but none has worked successful.

The one option we have right now is 2019 election. Now this is my point. We must be ready not only to vote but to ensure that even if our lives are at stake our vote must count.

Make no mistake about this, Buhari will not leave office like Goodluck did, and to have Buhari for second term is not only evil but a crime against humanity. A crime that will hunt even our children and our children’s children. Whatever it will take to stop him, let’s be ready. So, prepare yourself. But out he must go.

Now this is the important part. In 2019 we are not going to vote anyone who is promising us light, food, house, employment, and all those stupid talks politician use as though they are trying to deceive a child with biscuit. No! Anyone still campaigning light or employment does not know our problem.

We must be ready to vote ONLY the man or woman whose only agenda is either to let every region be independent country OR to decentralize power through restructuring, thus giving each region the independence of developing herself with whatever resources it has.

No matter how good the person is, if he or she is not thinking towards restructuring or separation, he or she will be worst than Buhari. You know why? We may be happy for a while but if someone else comes under this same system, the person will destroy everything, then we will go back to zero.

We don’t need electricity or price of dollar going down or fuel becoming free. No! Either we separate or we restructure. When we do, we will know how to give ourselves light or water or dollars. Anything aside this, is like going around the same old path that leads to darkness, yet expecting that it will lead to light.


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