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Please, accord us two minutes of your time! we promise to be precise and brief.
Henry Ezeh (Oluchi) is a 33 year old young man. He is father of an eight month old daughter. He is  a
student of Criminology and Security Studies at the National Open University, Wuse Study Centre, Abuja. His desire
to take care of his tender family has made him work and study at the same time. And though from a very modest
background, Oluchi combined family life, work and school and has been doing very well in each of these aspects.
Furthermore, being the first son in his family, he has also been there for his siblings too.

Unfortunately, three years ago, in 2015 precisely, he was diagnosed with a then benign tumor which was later
operated upon. A year later, the tumor reoccurred. He insisted on maintaining both his work and school while
seeking medical treatment. In October last year, he had the second surgery which, initially seemed to be successful
too. Unfortunately, a few months later, the tumor reappeared for the third time and in a very complicated form.
Exhausted from the financial demands of the treatments, he suspended his studies with the intention of
concentrating on the treatment and work only. But the situation continues to worsen. Now, he cannot work as the
tumor has become cancerous turning to a rare skin cancer, #dermatofibrosarcoma_protuberans. This cancer
deteriorates rapidly and could reach the bone if we do nothing to prevent it, once and for all. The last medical
examinations he did stipulate that he ought to undergo another serious surgery and subsequently some series of

The problem is that during all these long surgeries and treatments he has exhausted his financial means. Worse
still, he cannot work as the tumor has continued to grow and he cannot even put on clothes as every contact
with it sends excruciating pains to his whole system.

Please, we are asking for your financial assistance at this hour of his agony. His life hangs now on a thread as the
hospital bills for both the surgery (300,000 Naira – around $850 US) and the radiotherapy (600,000 Naira – around
$1,700 US) are lacking. We have no other option than hoping on your financial assistance. And if we do not take a
measure he might end up succumbing to it at the prime of his life, leaving his young wife a widow and his daughter
an orphan.

If our appeal touches your heart and you wish to help us in any way, we will ever remain grateful to you. He has
already sought assistance both from different governmental and non-governmental organizations, but nothing has
come out of it. So, in whatever way you can help us, we will really appreciate it.

Oluchi’s phone numbers: +234 806 572 3299 & +234 905 821 7278

The hospital that will perform the surgery if the financial demand is met is National Hospital, Abuja.
– Rev. Fr. Ali Nnaemeka Omi
Help spread this appeal. Stay blessed.

Target: 900,000 Naira (2,500 USD)



Amount Donated
598,400 Naira 66.5%

N598,400 of N900,000

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