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Ladies doing the shaku shaku dance


By Kelvin Ugwu 
January 10, 2019

Entering  my house, I heard my sister as she kept singing. The words I could hear coming out of her mouth sounded like this:

“One liter oh seh, one liter, one liter oh seh one liter. . .
One liter oh seh, one liter, only your water fi quench my fire.”

Then she continued. . .but this time around she joined her  lips to form the letter ‘O’. . .

“Oohh oohh oohh oohhh . . . Star boil dey for you.”

I was wondering what kind of song could that be. I later discovered it is Wizkid and it was walicha…or whatever he was trying to say in Igbo language.

As my sister was singing she was dancing. I simply cannot understand the dance. She would cross both arms forward as she simultaneously changes the movements of her legs. Then she would behave like she is stretching her whole body as though she is having convulsion or suffering from epilepsy. The only difference is that she is still standing erect turning her neck so that her face kept facing left, right, forward as her hands kept changing, sometimes it goes across her shoulders…as though she is saying “everything should get behind me.”

I have seen teenagers in church displaying such skills. When I asked, they told me is shaku shaku…whatever that means…I don’t know.

I got to read on news that “how to dance shaku shaku?” was among the most searched questions on google for 2018.

The reason is simple, if you cannot dance shaku shaku, you definitely don’t belong. So everyone wants to feel they belong.

This is why everyone who considers his or herself updated will do all it takes to watch the movie called Lion Heart. The problem is not the movie, the problem is you have to watch it now and post something online about it.

A friend told me how she traveled from Enugu to Owerri to see Black Panther. I told her hers is even small. Some people I know of in Malawi, traveled from Malawi to Zambia just to see Black Panther because Malawi has no Cinema showing it.

Today, who talks about Black Panther even when the movie is now on DSTV?

A lot of things you see people doing today is as a result of social media influence or trend. . . including keeping beard, using iPhone, picture editing, hating life cat yet using snap chat to snap cat-like pictures of their face, posting pre-wedding pictures etc. My twin sisters just got an invite to feature in a pre-birthday pictures of their friend. It’s that serious!

Did you noticed the noise on social media over Adekunle Gold and Simi’s decision not to post any picture of their traditional wedding online?

Why? Because they did not follow the trend.

If you are not careful, friends on social media can influence everything about you. You will literally want to do everything you see them doing, including how they use the toilet.

Social media is like a circle. It presumes that once you are not in that circle you are not truly a happy person. So everyone works hard not only to be in the circle, but to be there first. At the end, they do not get the happiness because every minute, something new is trending, new circles are drawn, and only people who have really gone insane can actually keep up.

Define yourself and be proud of it. Anything that must influence you must be worth it. Select your friends here. Accept who you are and feel happy about it even if it does not meet social media standard.


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