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Kadaria Ahmed: The Devil’s Advocate

By Kelvin Ugwu
31st January, 2019

From the time I have spent in this world and from my experiences so far, the people that can easily take you to the greatest height in life are often your enemies, your critics, your haters, if you like, your “village people.” Please don’t pray for them to die.

Critics have a way of sharpening one’s thoughts. With critics in mind, a speaker will tend to make his or her positions clear, concise and understood.

In truth, majority of what we know today as teachings coming from the mouth of Christ came because the pharisees and scribes asked him questions that were originally meant to trap him. Without those questions, so many things would have been left unsaid and we would have been having more confusion in Christianity than we already do.

Since last night, Kadaria the moderator of the program “The Candidates”, has become the topic of discussion. I have read from many friends who felt she was biased. Some felt her questions and interruptions and how she at some point had to make it clear that she has nothing to do with APC were all signs of her conscience playing on her. But again, it was those tough questions of hers, the seriousness on her look, her seeming bias in comparison to when she interviewed Buhari and Osinbanjo, and the constant interruptions, that gave Atiku and Obi the opportunity to shine.

In life, pray more for critics than you will for praise singers or “follow-follow.” You know why? Critics sharpen your thoughts. This is not to say that praise singers are not good. The only time you should not pray for critics is when you truly have nothing to offer.

Anytime I write a post, I think of my critics. Thinking about them helps me to structure my writing well and invariably it keeps me growing. Majority of my posts that went viral were because of critics.

When you go for an interview, do not pray for simple questions that could be answered by all, pray for tough questions so that those that will answer it might be few or just you alone. When you are the only one that can answer it, the better. By this you will end up impressing your interviewers.

Whatever you do, you must always be ahead of your critics. Now read that sentence again and underline the word ALWAYS.

Assuming its a solfa notation: doh:reh:mi:fah:soh:lah:ti:doh. If your enemies or critics are singing ‘mi ,mi, mi”, make sure you have already finished singing “fah” and you are now singing “soh soh soh.” by the time they get to soh, that is if they will ever do, make sure you are not just in “LAH” but already in “TI”.

Last line: God, please continue to prepare a table before us in the presence of our enemies. Amen!


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