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By Kelvin Ugwu on May 29, 2018

First thing that woke us up this month was a story of a woman whom in our own outward judgment and assessment qualifies as a successful woman. She drove her SUV to third mainland bridge, packed the vehicle and jumped into the lagoon.

After a while, another story broke out of a Super Star, a celebrity who built a magnificent mansion and constructed a swimming pool inside possibly for the purpose of relaxation and class. The one person that means everything and in whom all his toiling day and night belongs, slips into the swimming pool, got drown and died.

Third we heard of poor people, people struggling to make a living. Farmers who dig the ground to get food and feed their family. With the little they have, they try to make themselves happy until when men of cow came. Right in their presence, they watched helplessly as each of them were slaughtered by these men of cow. They all died!

Then just yesterday, people were burnt alive for plying Lagos Ibadan express way. There were those who just got married, those with kids, those who just started working, those we saw just some minutes ago. They all died. All of them. Worse still, they can’t even be identified.

These are the stories that made headlines. I bet you, there are so many others that we are not aware of.

It’s painful and heartbreaking, for lack of appropriate words.

While we think about all these, it is important we keep in mind that:

If success guarantees staying alive, the woman that jumped into the lagoon would not have.

If D’banj had known that his swimming pool would take his child’s life, I bet you, no swimming pool would have been built in that house.

If the poor farmers in plateau knew in concrete details that they would be killed that way, none would have remained there.

If those that died yesterday knew that the road they were traveling on will end their lives, you won’t have seen anyone there.

None of us are better than those that lost their lives. NONE!

Any day you wake up in the morning and discover that you are still alive, just know it is not because you are successful, or rich, or poor or intelligent.

Any day you finish the day’s work and climb your bed to sleep at night, it is not because you profess publicly that you are an atheist or because you think you sound ‘woke’.

Our life should humble us. Its a mystery. This is why it is very wrong to postpone your joy or to keep till tomorrow the good you can do today. This life as you see it, is passing away.

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