Make love go viral
Make love go viral

Do or say something nice to someone today,

You never know, you might save a life with just a smile

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MLGV Family

As a family we make  collective effort to  create this consciousness in the heart of everyone, that all would learn to perform at least a random act of kindness each day.

Have you done an act of kindness today?



No one knows it all and that’s the reason we can always lean on some others for answers to our most pressing questions. We are meant to complement each other. Do not die in silence; be open enough to ask that question that has been bugging you. Due to the questions we have been receiving on this platform, we have decided to create an MLGV Q&A forum.

Impact Stories

The motivational content is what I personally look out for. Helps me regain focus. By the way I love the white longsleeves. ​
Here is a place to MLGV - Make Love Go Viral, there is no doubt about it. Let's join this lovely divine crusade!
Ali Nnaemeka


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